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  • Morgan created an article,

    Which product replaces Liquid Light as a foliar spray?

    Gold Range Liquid Light was originally designed to head up Dutch Master's Gold Range foliar spray regime. Foliar spraying unique elements increases elemental uptake by the plant, leading to increas...

  • Morgan created an article,

    What is the difference between Aqua Feed, Media Feed & Coir Feed?

    Aqua Feed, Coir Feed and Media Feed are 3 part base nutrients each formulated for specific grow media's and systems. Each nutrient has its own unique elemental profile suited for its individual app...

  • Morgan created an article,

    Can I switch to the Commercial Edition mid-cycle?

    The short answer is YES!You can switch to using the Commercial Edition product range, from your current regime, at any time during your vegetative or bloom growth phase. We do recommend following a...

  • Morgan created an article,

    Can I use Gold Range products with the Commercial Edition?

    Hey Dutch Master loyalists! We know many of you have been using the Gold Range products for several years and are wondering how to transition to the Commercial Edition, while still being able to us...

  • Morgan created an article,

    What does Zone do?

    Zone maintains optimal root zone conditions for maximum nutrient uptake by reducing pathogen populations guaranteeing clean white, healthy roots!

  • Morgan created an article,

    What does Sila-Guard do?

    Sila-Guard provides both potassium and silicon, which greatly increases the plants resistance to pests and diseases, while also increasing branch strength (reducing bud flop) and flower yield. Comm...

  • Morgan created an article,

    What does Trich-XL do?

    Trich-XL was developed to seriously increase trichome production and potency, therefore increasing cannabinoid and terpenoid concentration. It contains a proprietary blend of elements that induce a...

  • Morgan created an article,

    Can I use Saturator when foliar spraying other brand products, pesticides or fungicides?

    Yes. Add Saturator at the rate of 20mL per gallon with foliar spray applications. It will greatly assist the efficacy of the product you are spraying on your plants. For this reason, it is wise to ...

  • Morgan created an article,

    What does Saturator do?

    Saturator has been developed as a nutrient delivery agent. Essentially, Saturator makes water wetter by reducing surface tension in both the root zone and on the leaf surface, thereby delivering a ...

  • Morgan created an article,

    Should I use Cal-Mag to condition/buffer my coco coir before I plant out?

    Absolutely. Dutch Master recommends soaking coco coir with Cal-Mag for several hours at a dilution rate of 10-15mL per gallon of water regardless of whether the product states it has already been c...